TLC of Duluth

Tender Loving Care (TLC) offers services in the community and is devoted to a holistic, person-centered approach founded on principles of individualized care, mutual respect, understanding and dignity. We recognize the diverse interests and needs of all individuals and are dedicated to maximizing their potential through meaningful experiences and relationships.

TLC works with individuals in Carlton and St Louis counties, offering services such as: Independent Living Skills (ILS) Training, In Home Family Supports, Employment Services (ex. Job Coaching) and Vocational Rehabilitation.

One foundational belief that has shaped Tender Loving Care since its inception well over a decade ago is that every person is unique, that they deserve care tailored to their needs and abilities.  People matter - be they client or staff.

  • CLIENTS: TLC, serving both youth and adult populations, assess the needs and abilities of every client that seeks services so that we can best pair them with the gifts of our team.  This person-centered approach offers the best opportunity for individual success and growth.
  • STAFF: From day one, our team not only affords staff training to best prepare them for the professional expectations we have set before them, but also probes to discover the dreams and aspirations of the individual so that we might partner with them.  Our hope is to pour into the lives of team members that they might achieve an exceptional level of professionalism as they meet with our clients today and be positively impacted to better meet the demands of tomorrow.