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The Chief Executive Officer will fully develop the strategy for growing the business and put into place the operational fundamentals to support it going forward. This leader will be both externally facing and a steward of the internal culture of Sisu. The ideal candidate has a solid background in IT consulting and services, with enough understanding of healthcare reform and the medical industry to be able to credibly create a solid corporate strategy and be perceived in the marketplace as a trusted partner. He or she will have previous top leadership experience—at the corporate level of a smaller organization or at the divisional level of a larger company.

Primary Roles of the Position

Vision and Strategy Development

  • Develop the strategic plan for Sisu Healthcare IT Solutions (Sisu) including markets served, products and services, industry foci and results.
  • Build a roadmap to fill out any nodes on the products/services menu to enhance market acceptance, meet customer demand, and gain/maintain market share.
  • Bring expertise in IT consulting and translate that into new product and service offerings.
  • Create a brand that is distinctive, relevant, authentic and memorable.
  • Translate the vision and strategy in inspirational ways to attract, retain, and inspire customers, employees, members and other stakeholders.

Operational Management

  • Conduct an organization assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses to affect business growth, and undertake corrective or developmental actions accordingly, e.g. sales capability.
  • Define change management and communication strategies to ensure alignment with changing priorities and new initiatives.

Financial and Risk Management

  • Ensure checks and balances, risk management and ethical business practices in all transactions to truly function as trusted business partners.
  • Lead the development of annual and long-term financial plans and ensure that regular reporting supports sound decision-making and early detection of emerging issues.

People Leadership

  • Assess both leadership and technical talent, identifying gaps, development paths and emerging leaders/talent.
  • Revitalize the culture, collaboratively with employees and management, to clearly articulate values, norms and “new” vision/mission, with an eye to creating the ideal future vs. recreating the past.
  • Develop recognition and reward systems in keeping with the culture and preferences of the staff.
  • Lead succession planning in critical areas.
  • Augment staff as necessary with new skill sets in support of the emerging strategy.
  • Introduce new norms around celebrating successes and rewarding outstanding contributions.

Business Development and Marketing

  • Develop relationships across the rural healthcare networks, hospitals and clinics, and other relevant sectors.
  • Integrate into the Duluth business community as a representative of Sisu’s capabilities, values and commitment to economic growth in the region.
  • Create a broader reputation across the national market for Sisu, its unique capabilities and its brand.

Governance and Board Relations

  • Work closely with the board chairs to set agendas and conduct effective board meetings.
  • Assist in clarifying the roles of the Systems and Solutions boards, with sensitivity to the mission of each, balancing accountability to each.
  • Ensure effective and accurate board reports and communications.


  • Management experience, with 5-10 years in executive leadership
  • Demonstrated success growing a company or business line
  • Ability to lead inspirationally and roll up one’s sleeves in a hands-on fashion
  • Sales and marketing expertise in IT consulting, services or software
  • Understanding of electronic medical records requirements systems and uses in a hospital setting is a definite plus
  • Board room experience and comfort
  • Financial acumen
  • Strategic vision balanced with practical planning
  • A genuine passion for the mission of the organization
  • Ability to engage creatively and foster innovation
  • Solid product management background
  • Respect for diversity of thought, backgrounds and styles, and the ability to drive toward consensus and common ground
  • Outstanding communication skills: written, one on one, and presentation
  • Ability to “stand alone” in the face of adversity or negative perceptions
  • Sound decision-making skills
  • Good eye for talent and instinct for emerging leaders
  • Solid negotiation skills
  • Sound understanding of technology (hardware and software) and the future of technology as it relates to Sisu
  • Impeccable integrity and the ability to “set a tone” for the organization

Special Application Instruction

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