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New account upgrades help employers connect with candidates in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin.

Unprecedented access to local workforce data and job matching technology is now available on Registered employers have the option to upgrade their accounts to conduct targeted searches of the NORTHFORCE Talent Community, refining their search by candidate experience level, area of expertise, and more criteria.

The two account upgrade options, Talent ACCESS and Talent ACCESS PRO, allow employers to connect directly with job seekers and view the resumes of those who match the specific requirements of their job openings. These advanced search options also enable employers to bookmark and contact matching candidates.

The #NorthByChoice Talent Community encompasses 3,900+ users and grows by an average of 500 candidates every six months. Around 1,000 candidates have elected to make their profiles public and searchable by registered employers. NORTHFORCE staff also sort through the additional 1,100+ private profiles and encourage qualified candidates to apply to relevant openings posted at the Talent ACCESS PRO level. 

Talent ACCESS PRO employers receive curated resume packets from the NORTHFORCE Resume Database of 1,270+ unique resumes. NORTHFORCE also scrapes job postings on a regular basis for Talent ACCESS PRO employers, posting them on

Upgrades are available on a quarterly basis for just $99 at the Talent ACCESS level and $299 for Talent ACCESS PRO. Employers can also purchase either level on an annual basis at a rate of $199 for one full year of Talent ACCESS and $599 for one full year of Talent ACCESS PRO.

Posting open positions and auto-sending job posts to matched candidates remain available on a free basis to all registered NORTHFORCE employers.

“This was a very seamless process from beginning to end and Aitkin Growth saw a significant number of applicants that were identified through this job posting process by NORTHFORCE,” attests Michael Hagen, Executive Director of Aitkin Growth, who was one of the first employers to use Talent ACCESS to make a local hire.

These upgrade options are the latest development in NORTHFORCE’s ongoing efforts to counteract the widespread workforce shortages affecting this region. More information and background on the workforce shortage can be found in our January 27 Duluth News Tribune opinion column.

NORTHFORCE’s data-driven workforce strategy has received multiple awards and recognitions in the years since the 2014 launch of, including the Finance and Commerce’s Progress Minnesota Award in 2016 and the national Economic Development Award in the same year from the Mid-America Economic Development Council (MAEDC).

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