L&M Radiator


L&M Radiator’s legacy as one of the world’s leading providers of cooling and heat transfer solutions began more than 6o years ago. We are consistently striving to improve our quality, whether pertaining to our product or our services. Commitment to our values has helped us acquire acceptance in the mining industry, and we have evolved into a premier global supplier of precision-engineered OEM cooling and heat transfer solutions.

The British first developed the idea of individually replaceable cooling tubes held in headers with rubber seals during WWII desert tank warfare. The concept had these advantages:

1) The flexible seals would allow damaged tubes to be removed and replaced even under combat conditions.

2) The seals would absorb vibration pounding and thermal shock that would cause conventional radiators to leak.

In 1957, L&M Radiator acquired the rights to the concept and brought the radiator to the Minnesota Mesabi Iron Range. With rapid acceptance of the “MESABI® Radiator” in the mining industry, the concept grew in popularity worldwide as both an OEM and aftermarket product for all mobile and stationary heavy-duty equipment. Today, the MESABI® replaceable tube concept has been applied by L&M Radiator to all types of heavy-duty equipment heat transfer. MESABI® heat exchangers are the world standard for heat transfer reliability.



L&M takes great pride in our company values. We come from a small town - so, naturally, we have a big heart. Our personalities are laid-back and easy-going, but our work ethic is strong. We train our people to work smarter, so that they have opportunities to be creative. Our global footprint allows for opportunities to travel. We are a proud member of the Minnesota and Hibbing Chambers of Commerce, and we are a proud sponsor of various local sports teams and educational organizations for our youth. Go Bluejackets!