Utility Maintenance Worker

City of Duluth

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  • Energy, Utilities and Natural Resources
  • Energy, Utilities, and Natural resources
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To assist in the maintenance, repair, and installation of City-owned utilities.

This is the entry-level class within the Utility Operations Division.  Employees at this level assist other Utility Operations personnel while learning the operations and procedures.

1. Assist with excavation work including digging, shoring, and backfilling trenches.
2. Operate jackhammers and other equipment used to repair underground utilities.
3. Prepare concrete and other mixtures used in the repair of utilities.
4. Assist in the operation of portable or temporary pumping equipment.
5. Assist with receipt and storage of materials used to maintain and repair utilities.
6. Operate equipment, such as a tandem dump truck, requiring a Class "B" commercial driver's license.
7. Assist in stocking service vehicles as needed.
8. Assist in pipe fitting work including cutting, threading, and tapping, fitting, cementing, and calking pipes.
9. Assist in the installation, maintenance, and repair of valves, stop boxes, drips, taps, water pumping stations, hydrants, air valves, force mains, manholes, catch basins, and other utility structures.
10. Dispose of demolition debris such as broken concrete, blacktop, and pipe materials, and deliver to appropriate dumpsites.
11. Assist in the operation, inspection, and testing of hydrants, air valves, water pumping stations, and other utility structures.
12. Operate a variety of motorized vehicles, power tools, and hand tools.
13. Assist in the maintenance and inspection of stormwater sedimentation basins and grizzlies.
14. Perform light maintenance, cleaning, and daily service checklist on vehicles.
15. Perform routine cleaning and maintenance of indoor garage areas, including sweeping, hosing floors, washing walls, and other cleaning as needed.
16. Set up and maintain traffic control equipment.
17. Assist in plowing and hauling snow from around utility facilities.
18. Assist in the operation of equipment used in sewer line maintenance.
19. Assist in maintenance of water pumping stations.
20. Assist in operation of the steamer during ice removal in culverts and water facilities.
21. Provide information to customers related to utility operations in a professional manner.

Education & Experience Requirements
A. One (1) year of verifiable experience in utility construction or maintenance or a position with equivalent duties.

License Requirements
A. Possess and maintain a valid Minnesota Class "B" Commercial Driver's License or equivalent.