Job Posting Best Practices

Get started on the right foot with your soon-to-be new colleague.

A well crafted job post can make all the difference when it comes to attracting candidates that will be the right fit for your open position and your organization. To drastically reduce your chances of setting up unnecessary interviews, follow these tips to ensure your job post will be maximally effective:

Job Posts Must Include:

  • Basic employer information
  • General job duties
  • Skills needed
  • Educational and experiential requirements
  • Scope of work, including whether the job is full-time or part-time

Job Posts Should Include:

  • A little about your company culture
  • Benefits (not just that you offer them – give some details)
  • Specifics on position structure
  • Who to contact with questions. Help jobseekers out and give them the name of a specific person to contact, not just a generic HR@company address. How companies handle the application process says a lot about how they will treat people if they become employees.
  • Position salary range. Job seekers are 7x more likely to apply if the salary is listed. Additionally, listing the salary sets the proper expectation, shows transparency, and avoids gender pay difference issues. There are tons of reasons why employers don’t post the salary range. Stand out from the crowd and just post it. It will save you time – and time is money!


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