Finding Your Passion in the Northland

Whether you’re seeking a vocation or a calling, there’s a job for you in this region.

One of the upsides about the continuing tight job market is that if you don’t like your job, it’s easier than ever to find one that you will love. But for many of us, the difficulty of finding a job is nothing compared to figuring out what you really want to do for a living!

One option? Start by identifying your professional passions. Use these three guidelines as a basic framework:

  • Dream big, while keeping an open mind. Let go of limiting thoughts and be bold enough to follow your true passions, whatever they may be. Also, keep in mind that sometimes we can discover passions where we least expect to find them. In the same way that a position you thought would be a dream job can turn out to be a dud, sometimes we can be surprised to find we have a talent for something we wouldn’t necessarily have thought we would enjoy.
  • Try new things. How do we know we will like or dislike something until we try it? The answer is, usually we don’t. It’s basically impossible to really discover what you love to do without giving different options a shot. Force yourself out of your comfort zone, and as far as possible, don’t close yourself off to new opportunities.
  • Brainstorm careers that will let you do what you love on a daily basis. Think about what you look forward to doing on a daily basis. How about a monthly or yearly basis? Is there a way to integrate your favorite activities, hobbies, and pastimes into your career? What industries are a match for your interests and contain roles that will allow you to utilize your passions?

To get started, browse our alphabetical Job Categories (see image at right) for an idea of all the possibilities northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin have to offer. Click HERE to learn more about this area and explore all the different industries that flourish here.

So, what’s your passion — the one thing you really want to pursue? Find out where your interests fit into the regional employment landscape: SEARCH NOW!

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