Connecting college students with local professionals and organizations that are invested in our community – ensuring talent is retained. 

Mentor Connection is a NORTHFORCE program that pairs business leaders with local college students to create lasting relationships and valuable connections.

Want to be a mentor? Great. Sign-up HERE and we will contact you when we begin recruiting for 2018-2019.

Would your Business or Organization like to be involved? 
2017-2018 Sponsorship options are available!

  • We partner with local businesses and organizations to connect you with the next generation’s skilled workforce. We have a variety of sponsorship levels available. Interested in becoming involved? Let’s talk. Contact Krissy Johnson, Director of Mentor Connection.

Program Overview

Mentor Connection, powered by NORTHFORCE, pairs UMD and CSS students with local professional leaders for a year-long mentorship program. Together, pairs network within the community, giving students the opportunity to connect with a professional in their field over career-specific advice and guidance. The program is open to all majors.

      • Connect with professionals that can provide insight in your desired field of work
      • Learn about opportunities and challenges that exist in your desired career path
      • Build your brand and learn how to effectively market your skills and qualifications
      • Gain real world insight and experience that cannot be taught in the classroom
      • Enhance your resume by showcasing your involvement within the community
      • Elevate your leadership skills by providing guidance to others
      • Grow as an individual through reflection and sharing of the lessons you have learned
      • Give back to our community
      • Make a difference in your student’s life
      • Build your professional network and develop lifelong relationships
      • Connect with students beyond the snapshot of a resume or interview
      • Meet area students that are interested in your industry
      • Support our efforts to retain talent in our community
      • Get the first opportunity to connect with and recruit these engaged students

A big thank you to The College of St. ScholasticaUniversity of Minnesota Duluth LSBE, & the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation for their ongoing commitment and support for this program. We couldn’t do it without you!

If you’re interested in being on the Program Committee for Mentor Connection contact Krissy!

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