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The career landscape of the Northland is wide ranging and full of variety. From mining and healthcare to energy and technology, there is so much going on in each of these nine key sectors! There’s literally something for everyone, so it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to do. Explore these nine key industries and get inspired.

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Aviation and Aerospace

From Charles Lindbergh to Neil Armstrong, much of human history is fascinated by getting into the air, so it’s no wonder that one of the region’s most exciting and thriving industries is focused on exactly that! The Northland is known nationally as a hub for aircraft manufacturing and development, with nationally-renowned Cirrus and AAR based in Duluth and many more cutting edge facilities located across the region. Whether you want to be on the frontline of aeronautic innovation or make use of it as a traveler, you’re all set with airports in every county. Find out more about opportunities to fly here.

Creative Technology and Professional Services

The Northland’s entrepreneurial spirit takes form in as many ways as there are enterprising individuals. Startups constantly take unique ideas and turn them into viable businesses. Then there are architectural and engineering firms, as well as legal and consulting firms. Some of these have been established for over a century while others are just starting to make waves. Every organization has a personality and a presence all its own in the region. An extremely low probability of natural disasters also makes the Northland ideal for housing data centers and similar ventures. Find out about technologically advanced jobs and professional services here.


Energy is at the base of economy and this region is a crucial junction for the resources of the present as well as research for the future. In terms of trade and transport, staggering amounts of the world’s petroleum, oil, and coal filter through the Duluth-Superior port on a yearly basis. Regional companies like Minnesota Power keep our communities lit, heated, and energized while spearheading renewable energy initiatives. Learn more about what keeps the Northland energized here.

Forest Products & Biochemical

With a storied history of logging and lumberjacks (not to mention blue oxen) forest products still play a major role in the region’s economy today. There are the paper mills of Cloquet and more sites that process everything from pulp and cellulose to specialty wood products. Efficiency and sustainability are valued at every step of the process, and that extends to food, as well. Wild rice and caviar are just two examples of the agricultural goods that originate in this part of the world. Research into the food industry and biochemical investigations are underway at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Curious about biobusiness? You should be! Find out more here.

Healthcare & Biomedical

The healthcare and biomedical industry is the single largest employer in the Northland, accounting for over twenty percent of the region’s workforce. That statistic can only be expected to increase, what with Baby Boomers retiring and an aging population. The need for assisted living, rehabilitation, and extended care is going to grow dramatically. Biomedical advancement already has center stage in this area, which is committed to providing quality care at every stage of life. Get an overview of medical institutions and healthcare structures here.


Though manufacturing has been scaled back in many parts of the country, this sector is alive and strong in the Heartland and only expected to grow. Six taconite mines are the source of supply chains that materialize into heavy machinery, telecommunications equipment, and a multitude of other products. Check out the broad range of regional manufacturing facilities and specialist firms here.


The industry that is most unique to this area and most directly linked to the environment itself is mining. Most people immediately picture iron and coal — especially when it comes to the Iron Range, where the majority of mining takes place. The future of mining also involves the development of copper, nickel, and other precious metals, all of which are found in natural deposits throughout this mineral rich territory. Mining contributes a whopping $3.4 billion to the state and regional economies and is a cornerstone of the region’s history and culture. Take a more in-depth look at mining here.


Hospitality and leisure is the lifeblood of tourism everywhere. In this area, it translates into superb choices of lodging and endless recreational pursuits. Over $1 billion is brought to the region annually by visitors from all over the world who come to see Lake Superior and the Land of 10,000 Lakes. They have their pick of a variety of comfortable hotels, historic B&Bs, and camping sites. Aside from sightseeing, explorations can take the form of biking, hiking, snowshoeing, and so much more. Get an idea of all there is to see here.

Transportation & Logistics

This region is strategically located in a number of crucial ways. Highways and railroads issue from the continent’s innermost connection to international shipping. Diverse and low-cost transport options extend to air travel, as well, thanks to a network of airports that offer both commercial and cargo services. This reliable and ever-evolving infrastructure makes the Northland an ideal location to conduct business regionally, nationally, and internationally. Find out more about transportation and logistics here.

For more information on how the NORTHFORCE industrial landscape compares to other regions, check out the data and demographics available on Northland Connection.


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