Get A Preview of the Iron Range’s TechTank

Posted by Josie Strom on September 8, 2018

Have you ever wished there was a dedicated place where you could meet with colleagues and other local professionals in an engaging and high-tech environment? There’s an exciting new development on the Iron Range: TechTank, a co-working space offering shared workspace, use of conference rooms, and private offices to rent. Much like Iron Range Makerspace, […]

What’s Your Area of Interest?

Posted by Josie Strom on September 3, 2018

From aviation and manufacturing to finance and fashion, there is so much going on in this neck of the woods. Unsurprisingly, the main interests shared by NORTHFORCE users align closely with the types of jobs that are readily available in this region. Major Northland industries include: Business Management & Operations Marketing & Communications Health & […]

The Benefits & Basics of Starting An Internship Program

Posted by Josie Strom on August 6, 2018

What could you get done with an extra eight hours a week at your disposal? Hire an intern and find out! An internship program can be a great, low-pressure way to fast-track worthy candidates into positions that you need filled. Best of all, chances are good that a well-planned internship will naturally grow into a […]

Job Fair Preparation 101

Posted by Josie Strom on July 24, 2018

“Eighty percent of success is showing up,” as Woody Allen quipped, but that other twenty percent can make or break the deal — especially when it comes to job fairs. If you just show up at a career or internship fair, chances are you’ll get nothing out of it. Preparation is critical. Here are the basic […]

Can An Elevator Interrogator Redirect Your Career?

Posted by Josie Strom on July 24, 2018

Elevator pitches are as simple as they are effective… or are they? What is an elevator pitch? Just what it sounds like! Picture this: You get into an elevator. Someone else gets into the elevator too. The two of you strike up a bit of elevator banter. The other person asks what you do. Even […]

Mentor Connection Spotlight: Jake Erickson

Posted by Josie Strom on July 21, 2018

Three Questions for Jake Erickson, Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual and returning mentor for the 2018-19 Mentor Connection program year: Why did you initially join Mentor Connection? I joined mentor connection because of the impact my mentors had on me both personally and professionally. I wanted to “pay it forward” and be able to attempt to […]

Mentor Connection Spotlight: Ashley Beecroft

Posted by Josie Strom on June 30, 2018

Three Questions for Ashley Beecroft, Occupational Therapist at Essentia Health and returning mentor for the 2018-19 Mentor Connection program year: Why did you initially join Mentor Connection? I enjoy working with and learning from students and getting the chance to share my passion for my career field with others. It’s rewarding to get to work […]

Your Summer 2018 Guide to Northland Food & Fun

Posted by Josie Strom on June 25, 2018

You can’t beat summer up north. Would you really want to be anywhere else in the world this time of year? For starters, the weather is nothing short of paradisiacal, thanks to the world’s largest air conditioner also known as Lake Superior. And the climate’s not the only reason to get excited for the sweltering season. The […]

A North By Choice Guide To The Great Outdoors: Summer Edition

Posted by Josie Strom on June 25, 2018

The outdoors rank pretty high on the list of reasons why people love to live here. It’s not just about the vast amount of untouched wilderness, but also the close proximity of the Great Outdoors to the towns and cities of northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Case in point, there are not too many places […]

MILE Grants Now Available to Area Entrepreneurs

Posted by Josie Strom on June 12, 2018

Minnesota Innovation Loans for Entrepreneurs (MILE)  – DEED MILE is a new competitive loan program, designed to help early-stage businesses that are developing high-tech products or services in Minnesota, which provides interest-free loans ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. Businesses approved for loans under the program must have a 1-to-1 match from another funder and repay the […]

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