The Heartland. The Northland. The NORTHFORCE Region.

Northeast Minnesota & Northwest Wisconsin

There are a lot of names for this neck of the woods and they all mean something a little different. That’s fitting, since northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin are a lot of different things to a lot of different people. This place is home. It’s an escape. It’s where we work and live.

Our region is rich with relatively untapped resources and a relatively untouched environment. There’s a reason for that. The people who live here are drawn not only to our bustling downtowns and growing industry, but also to the area’s thick forests and pristine shorelines. By and large, we want to keep them just the way they are — while also making the most of them!

A healthy relationship between industry and the environment coupled with a healthy life-work balance is what you can expect, living here. Want to know more about the North by Choice lifestyle? Explore this section for the details.

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Development Partners

Our Development Partners