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Would you like feedback on your job posting? Do you know the difference between job descriptions and job postings? How much information do you tell your candidates about your company in the post? Let us help you craft a better job posting and attract the talent you deserve. Contact Us for a custom review or consultation today or look over our general tips below.

Elements of a Good Job Post:

  1. Briefly Describe the Position. You know, high level, what’s this job all about. 
  2. Describe the Company & Mission. Including how does this position relate to the mission of the company in a sentence.
  3. What are the Essential Functions? These are legal requirements to do the job. 
  4. What’s the Required Education/Experience? Do they really need X degree? Only write it down if it is absolutely necessary.
  5. Preferred Education/Experience. Maybe that MBA isn’t required, but you’d like it — put it here!
  6. What are the Salary & Benefits? Candidates are 7x more likely to apply for jobs that are upfront about the salary range. We strongly encourage listing this in the job posting. Be sure to add in as many specifics on the other benefits like the # of paid holidays, insurance, 401k (and match), etc. 
  7. Call to Action. Apply now, including some form of contact info for candidates to reach out to with questions. We understand you don’t want 100 emails or phone calls – but adding the human element into the job search process may help you find the perfect employee, instead of just one that meets the basic requirements. 

Our simple key takeaway? Keep the job posting succinct. Just as an employer doesn’t want to read a 5 page resume, jobseekers don’t want to read 15,000 word job postings. Save that for the complete job description.

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