Regional Workforce Grants

Workforce Grants: What’s Available and Where to Apply

A wide variety of workforce grants are available for northland employers to assist in the hiring and training process. Grants are also available for earn-as-you-learn dual training, apprenticeships, and other certifications. In some cases, the application process can be as simple as a two-page form. Here are the major workforce grants and training programs to be aware of within our region:


DEED Training Grant Programs
The Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership (MJSP) targets short-term training for long-term employment and offsets training-related expenses. Grants include the Partnership Program, which provides up to $400,000 to educational institutions that partner with businesses to develop job training or retraining for existing employees, and the Job Training Incentive Program which provides up to $100,000 to new or expanding businesses in Greater Minnesota.
More Info:
Contact: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, 651-259-7514


Duluth Workforce Development On-The-Job Training Program
Up to 50% reimbursement of the wage rate of an employee through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to offset training costs.
More Info
Contact: Job Developer Betsy Hill, or 218-730-5228


NEMOJT Talent Development Program (TDP)
Reimbursement for training costs up to $25,000. This open grant provides financial assistance to train existing employees or improve the economic competitiveness of regional businesses.
More Info:
Contact: Rural Workforce Coordinator Heath Boe, or 218-735-6174


Minnesota Apprenticeship Initiative
Funded through a $5 million grant through the U.S. Department of Labor, the Minnesota Apprenticeship Initiative (MAI) provides employers up to $5,000 per employee to cover costs associated with developing apprenticeship programs in five industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Health Care Services, Information Technology, and Transportation.
More Info:
Contact: Project Manager Carrie Fink at or 651-259-7252


Minnesota PIPELINE Program
Provides up to $6,000 per employee ($150,000 per employer) to develop earn-as-you-learn, dual-training opportunities and programs. The new application round opens April 16, 2018 with over $3 million available statewide.
More Info:
Contact: Program Manager Annie Welch at or 651-284-5353


Provides employers with a 50% match on an intern’s wages up to $2,500 for students in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).
More Info:
Contact: Program Director Becky Siekmeier at or 952-230-4241


Pathways to Prosperity Competitive Grant Program
The Duluth Workforce Center provides workforce development and training assistance for economically disadvantaged adults.
More Info:
Contact: Ed Seel, or 651-259-7597


The Department of Labor and Industry’s Youth Skills Training Program
Supports the development and implementation of experiential learning opportunities for students 16 and older. These locally developed programs are implemented in cooperation with employers and schools. Includes both classroom instruction and paid part-time employment. Grants are due by 4pm on May 4, 2018.
More Info:
Contact: Project Manager Rich Wessels at or 651-284-5184


Federal Bonding Program
A no-cost employee fidelity insurance that protects employers against employee theft of money or property. Can cover new or current employees who may be denied coverage by commercial bond carriers for reasons such as a history of arrest, conviction or imprisonment, poor credit, and more issues.
More Info:
Contact: Minnesota Federal Bonding Coordinator at 651-259-7521

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