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Being “Career Ready” takes a lot more than graduating.

There are internships and community involvement opportunities, not to mention options to get in front of potential future employers. These are all things that you should be exploring NOW — don’t wait until after graduation! Specifically, there are a few key things you can do to set yourself up for post-graduate success while you’re still in school.



First and foremost, internships are a fantastic way to make the leap from college to career. Search our database of regional internships to get an idea of what sort of opportunities are currently available. If a certain internship isn’t available right now, it will very likely reopen in coming semesters. When it does, NORTHFORCE will let you know – and by that time you will be even more prepared!

Similar to internships, mentorships pair experienced professionals with students who want to break into their field. Like an extended job shadow, mentorships give students plenty of one-on-one advice, guidance, and insight into what a specific career is really like. Interested? Check out Mentor Connection for Twin Ports (Duluth/Superior) connections. Iron Range and further Wisconsin programs are being developed.

Aside from internships and mentorships, there are lots of ways to get out into the community, gain valuable skills and experiences, and make useful connections. Get Involved.

There’s a single piece of paper that should be on your mind at all times while you’re in school: your resume. You should be thinking about what’s going to be on it by the time you graduate, and that doesn’t just mean a stellar GPA. Think extracurricular activities, internships, and volunteer experiences. Does your resume look its very best? Get insider tips on resume strategies here and contact us for a resume review.

Finally, have you checked out Career Services on campus? Colleges go out of their way to give you access to resources and advice that will help you transition into the professional world. Counselors are on hand to answer your questions and guide you toward opportunities that are right for you.

There’s a lot to learn about opportunities for students in this area. Find out more about the region’s employment landscape and local industries here. You can also see what sort of jobs are open locally: Search Now. You might be surprised how many ways there are to stay in the region after graduation.



More local resources you may find helpful:


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