The Benefits & Basics of Starting An Internship Program

What could you get done with an extra eight hours a week at your disposal?

Hire an intern and find out! An internship program can be a great, low-pressure way to fast-track worthy candidates into positions that you need filled. Best of all, chances are good that a well-planned internship will naturally grow into a permanent position on your staff.

Here are more reasons to consider bringing an intern (or several) on board:

  • Benefit your organization. Learning is the main draw for interns. So regardless of whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, candidates are looking for hands-on training, real experience, and mentoring opportunities, and they’re willing to work hard for it.
  • Streamline your hiring process. An internship program is basically a year-around recruiting tool. It sets up a direct pipeline for future full-time employees.
  • Increase productivity. An intern can tackle short-term tasks or longer-term projects. The extra set of hands can support your existing employees by taking burdens off their shoulders and freeing them up to accomplish more, all the while mentoring the newbie.
  • Gain new perspective on organizational issues. Interns may challenge “the way we’ve always done it” sort of mentalities and bring fresh new ideas to the company. Interns may also be good at questioning processes and can often see a new or better way of doing things that even a longtime manager may not.
  • Gain brand advocates. Hiring an intern will ultimately help spread the word about your company. If they have a positive experience, an intern will talk about it with their peers, friends, teachers, and family members. Essentially, free advertising! Word of mouth can be an effective form of marketing, and interns are perfectly positioned to reach the growing population of students and young professionals in the Northland.

Want to set up an internship program? Post now┬áif you’ve already got a gig in mind. If not, reach out! We can help every step of the way, from creating the position to advertising it (whether locally or across the United States) and ultimately finding talented candidates who will be a great fit for your company.

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